Counselling works through the therapeutic relationship between you and your counsellor, where the counsellor is genuine, non-judgmental and empathic and provides a space where you feel safe.

It also works through a clear agreement of confidentiality and complete autonomy of the client. Autonomy means you are free to make your own choices and decisions in your counselling sessions. We put you at the heart of our counselling service and we do this with compassion and skill, believing the way you feel, think and behave are valid responses to your present and past experiences.

Anything you discuss with your counsellor remains completely confidential. However, if your counsellor is concerned about you being at a risk of harm to yourself or others, they may need to talk to other services to get you the support you need. If your counsellor feels this is necessary, they will discuss this with you.

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Why choose counselling with Terrence Higgins Trust.

Online and in-person counselling


We have been offering counselling online for over 12 years and we know that it works. Even if you are not in the same room as your counsellor, they can still help you explore and support you with your concerns. People choose online counselling because it is often more convenient and better fits people’s lifestyles or working hours.

You must have a suitable private space, ensuring no other adults or children in the room, and free from interruption or being overheard so that you can feel comfortable to discuss your concerns. We use Zoom which is a secure and encrypted web platform and has an extremely stable connection in comparison to other software. You can use a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Your device must have a functioning camera and microphone.

We also offer in-person counselling at our centres in London, Brighton and Glasgow.

Most counselling, whether online or in-person, will take place during regular weekly sessions that last for around 50 minutes.