Connect low-cost counselling for gay and bisexual men. Talk. Explore. Resolve.

Issues that we cover in individual counselling include:

  • relationships
  • anxiety or depression
  • drug use or addiction
  • compulsive behaviour
  • difficulties in your sex life
  • sexuality and coming out
  • HIV
  • work problems
  • loneliness and isolation

Our staff are counsellors, psychotherapists and counselling psychologists trained in different approaches, all of whom are accredited or working towards accreditation.

How it works


To register for any our individual counselling, you can:

  • Email your contact details to [email protected].
  • Call us on 020 7812 1777 (to leave a message)

We'll then invite you for a free initial appointment where we’ll talk about what’s going on with you and what approach is going to work best.

If we can help, we’ll then arrange your first session.

You can pay for counselling and support sessions online with a credit card or debit card. Payments are handled by Paypal and sessions are by appointment only. Alternatively you can pay by cash or cheque in person when you come to the session.

Please do not pay for sessions until you have had your initial assessment and your fee has been determined.



You need to pay at least one week in advance of your session. We offer a means-assessed service with a sliding scale depending on your income.

Please don't make a payment until after your initial appointment.

Lower income

If your income is £30,000 or less sessions cost £30:

Pay for1 2 3 4 sessions

Middle income

If you have an income of between £30,000 and £40,000 then this cost rises to £40 a session:

Pay for1 2 3 4 sessions

Higher income

If you have an income of over £40,000 then the cost per session is £50:

Pay for1 2 3 4 sessions