We run several groups in London and online. These groups give you a chance to share your experiences and meet similar people. They offer support from people who understand your concerns and can boost your confidence and social life.

The groups are a great place to meet other people in the same situation as you. All of our groups have a psycho-educational aspect and use various approaches including:

  • motivational interviewing 
  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) 
  • art therapy

They provide a safe space to talk and hear other people’s perspectives and are always run by qualified facilitators.

Newly Diagnosed


This support group is for gay, bi and trans men and other men who have sex with men.

It consists of a six-week programme of support and workshops for men who have recently been diagnosed HIV positive. Sessions are highly participative and the mutual support builds group members' confidence in their ability to come to terms with their diagnosis.

Most men attend within the first 12 months of diagnosis. However, the programme has proved to be beneficial for individuals at any stage of their HIV diagnosis.

Recently Diagnosed (online)


This is a six-week online video support group for people living with HIV who can't (or prefer not to) physically attend one of our support groups.

The group's aim is to support recently diagnosed individuals, helping them better understand the role the impact of diagnosis, including talking with friends, family and work, current treatment, transmission as prevention, emotional wellbeing and accessing other support. 

Each group will be attended by up to 10 men, with sessions taking place from 7.30pm-9pm on a weeknight.

The group uses a simple, free app that allows you to join and see other members of the group. You do not need to use your real name when you access the app.

Are You Losing Control?


For gay, bi and trans men and other men who have sex with men looking for an addictions based support group.

This is an eight-week programme for men who want to understand and change compulsive behaviours. These can include alcohol, drug use, compulsive sexual behaviour, over-eating and/or compulsive spending.

Coping strategies are discussed and individuals have told us that they leave feeling more self-aware with an increased capacity for changing their compulsive and dependent behaviours.



Mindfulness is an eight-week course delivered as part of Healthy Hackney that offers an introduction to mindfulness meditation through breath-work, gentle yoga postures and group exercises.

While most other formal meditation practices involve being still, this meditation practice involves movement, which some find easier in accessing a grounded mindful practice.

Maisha Mema – Afro/Caribbean emotional support group


Free and confidential HIV support workshops for individuals from African and Caribbean descent in London.

The group provides an opportunity for people who are living with or affected by HIV in London to get emotional support and learn new skills for managing their life, feelings and relationships.

Food is provided and participants receive a certificate of attendance. 

Partners, Friends and Family Workshop


Has someone you know been diagnosed with HIV? This one-day peer support workshop provides a safe friendly environment where you can meet other people who care about someone in their lives living with HIV.

The workshop gives you a chance to share experiences and ask any questions you have about HIV. You may want to learn skills to support someone you care about, or explore how HIV might affect your relationship, including providing medical support.

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When we feel more knowledgeable and confident about ourselves, we are more likely to make better choices about our own sexual health and the health of our partners.

If you're interested in any of our groups and wish to sign up, simply fill in the form below.

For more information about our groups, please contact Shamal on 020 7812 1724.