An HIV test can involve:

  • A finger-prick test with Terrence Higgins Trust Hertfordshire with results in an appointment.
  • A finger-prick self-sample test which is sent to a lab for process.
  • A finger-prick self-test which develops in 15 minutes.
  • A blood test at a sexual health clinic.

Different tests take longer to pick up an infection – a blood test at a clinic is most accurate at two months after exposure, and self-sample and self-test kits are most accurate three months after exposure. This is also called ‘window periods’.

Order an HIV test online


To get a test, you can:

Alternatively, you can find a sexual health testing centre near you.

If you would like to chat to us about taking a test and your HIV testing options, you can email us at [email protected] or call 01920 484 784.