Owing to restrictions resulting from COVID-19, all of our talking therapies are now being provided online. They are free of charge.



Our free online counselling service is available for anyone in the UK living with HIV and aged 18 or over.

Complementary therapies


Our complementary therapies (massage, hypnotherapy, reiki, osteopathy, reflexology) are temporarily suspended owing to the COVID-19 outbreak.



The exact groups we run, their size and how they're organised varies between services. Some run monthly while others are organised when there is demand.

Example groups offered by some of our services include:

  • 'What Next?' for people diagnosed with HIV in the last two years.
  • Over-50s groups for older people living with HIV.
  • Workshops for partners, friends and family of people living with HIV.

Our groups are heavily disrupted and may not run during the COVID-19 outbreak, although some may take place online. Please contact the relevant service for details.

There is also online peer support available from other people living with HIV via our My Community Forum.