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Beyond the Alphabet Soup event


On Thursday 29 November 2018, we're holding a community building event in Hackney where you can meet other LGBTQ POC in Hackney and listen to a range of speakers.

Find out more information and sign up here

Our research project


We're conducting a research project into the life experiences of black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBTQ+ people living in Hackney. We want to give voice to this community and take forward your experiences, with a particular focus on health and social care services and how you think they could be improved.

We are looking to run one-to-one interviews and focus groups throughout 2018 at locations in Hackney and central London. All interviews are confidential.

You are eligible to participate if you are an LGBTQ+ person of colour with a connection to Hackney.

All participants will receive a £10 Amazon voucher.

The kinds of questions we want to address are:

  • What are your experiences of health and social care services in Hackney, thinking about service quality, accessibility and culture?
  • How do you think services could better address ethnic, sexual and gender diversity? 
  • How could existing services in Hackney better meet your needs?

How to participate


Please fill out the short form below and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

Alternatively, email us at [email protected].

Your information will only be used to arrange interviews and focus groups.