Jimmie Martin - Skater Karl, 2018

The design team Jimmie Martin specialises in art, furniture and interior design, bringing the ‘unthinkable’ to life and marrying sophistication with sexy, modern design elements.

The duo has an enviable clientele list. From royalty to pop stars including Liam Gallagher, The Prodigy, Rita Ora and last but not least the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. The latter arrived at the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis, where she was performing, on a throne-like chariot designed by the duo.

You can be the proud owner of Jimmie Martin’s Skater Karl – this cheeky cherub is styled on the Chanel Head Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld. Wearing a trademark black suit, shades and fingerless gloves, with wings adorned with the interlocking Chanel ‘C’s, this naughty Lagerfeld angel is giving the viewer the finger.

The ultimate in vibrant colour pops with a cheeky nod to the classic, Jimmie Martin’s Naughty Angels challenge our ideas about innocence and rebellion and could be the perfect way to sum up your wild side.


  • Height 46cm x width 43cm x depth 30cm

Guide price: £1,450

Donated by Jimmie Martin.