Eurovision sweepstake

Holding a sweepstake at work will keep your colleagues in suspense as they root for their chosen act on Saturday 18 May this year.

Here are five simple steps to holding a sweepstake at your workplace:

  1. Stick your A3 Eurovision sweepstake poster up at your workplace. Use the download button to get a printable copy.
  2. Use the entry list to cut out each country and pop them all in a hat. Ask everyone for a donation to enter (the amount is up to you - we suggest between £2-£5 per entry)
  3. People can enter as many times as they like - donation is per entry, not per person!
  4. Write each person's name on the poster next to the entry they draw.
  5. The winner will be revealed at the final on Saturday 18 May. The person that draws the winning entry receives a fabulous prize of your choice and the entry fees are donated to us.

Semi finals take place on Tuesday 14 May and Thursday 16 May before the big night on Saturday. Make sure that everybody has drawn their country before the first semi-final!

Good luck!