Restituted British Head

Since winning the Turner Prize in 2003, Perry’s artistic career has followed many paths as Royal Academician, BAFTA-winning documentary maker, author, and social commentator. Perry is Trustee of the British Museum and Chancellor of the University of the Arts London, and received a RIBA Honorary Fellowship in 2016, following his work designing A House for Essex.

Working in traditional materials such as ceramics, bronze, cast iron, printmaking and tapestry, Perry douses the classical with the contemporary, the orthodox with the inelegant, using the art forms to ask questions of society, its narratives and obsessions. Issues such as identity, gender, class, religion and sexuality are explored with humour as well as ire.

Perry’s 2008 skull Head of a Fallen Giant was a nostalgic observation on the changing face of Britain, encrusted with representations of Britain, such as the Union Flag and the Routemaster bus.

Restituted British Head is richly-decorated in much the same way, with some similar maritime and nationalist iconography, and asks inevitable questions about Britishness, coming at this particular moment in British history.


  • Ceramic head, glazed with platinum lustre, stamped decoration, porcelain teeth, pebbles, found iron objects, coins, bottlecaps and beads.
  • Height: 20cm x width 18cm x depth 19cm.
  • Unique.
  • Stamped with Grayson’s potter’s mark: a ‘W’ above an anchor.

Donated by: Grayson Perry and Victoria Miro, London/Venice 

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