Charlie Hides drag bingo

Gather your family and housemates together, pour a glass of something refreshing, and let's play bingo on World AIDS Day!

RuPaul's Drag Race star Charlie Hides will keep you entertained and you could win some fabulous prizes.

Organise a Zoom party and play with your friends, wherever they are.

How it works


The live Zoom stream will start at approx 7.25pm and bingo at 7.30pm. Don’t be late!

To get your free bingo card, please complete the form below. Expect to receive your unique bingo card and Zoom details by email 24 hours prior to the big balls dropping.

To play, you can print your free bingo card or mark by opening on a second device, or you can use a pencil and paper to copy it out and play along.

We'll be playing UK bingo with numbers 1-90, with prizes for the first person to get a line, two lines and a full house.