The money you raise will mean we are one step closer to reaching our mission - to end HIV transmission by 2030, to stop HIV stigma for good and to make sure everyone living with and affected by HIV has the support they need.

  • £50 could pay for 200 packs of condoms for outreach teams to provide to the public, along with advice, support and education around HIV.
  • £150 could cover the cost of 10 HIV self test kits. The sooner people know their status, the quicker they can get access to medication and support to live full and healthy lives.
  • £300 could provide training and development for two new speakers for Positive Voices – a community project where people living with HIV share their stories to raise awareness and stop stigma.
  • £500 could fund 50 calls to the helpline THT Direct, a valuable lifeline that helps nearly 20,000 vulnerable people each year
  • £1,000 could pay for 42 online counselling sessions to support people living with or affected by HIV.

Your donations will contribute to supporting our work, including the current increased demand on our support services, such as our online counselling and helpline.

Thanks to the help of wonderful people like you, we can stand together and continue to provide comfort and support for people living with and affected by HIV; particularly through these tough times. Together we can ensure that no one is left behind.