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Terrence Higgins Trust placards at Pride

What you can do

Join us in campaigning for equality and justice for people with HIV and AIDS.

What you can do

12 things

What the Government can do

Terrence Higgins Trust's main lobbying agenda is contained in '12 Things the Government can do'.

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What Local Authorities can do

Help for councillors and Local Authority officers to improve sexual health in your area.

A man being examined by a doctor

Our health policies

We need you! Will you campaign with us to make a difference?

Social policies

Our social policies

Our key social policy stances - and how you can get involved.

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hiv and poverty

HIV & Poverty report

Terrence Higgins Trust's poverty and HIV report.

Big Ben

HIV immigration restrictions

Our call to reject the Immigration Bill clause NC21

sex, HIV, law

Prosecutions for HIV transmission

Some people have been prosecuted in the UK for reckless transmission of the HIV virus. Find out about our views and policy.

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hiv, teen pregnancy, chlamydia

Know your needs

Do you know about HIV and sexual health in your area?

A blood bag

Blood donations

Why are there restrictions on who can donate blood in the UK?

21st century HIV

21st century HIV

This collection of stories offers a snapshot of what it means to be living with HIV in modern Britain.