We produce high quality information by using a robust information production process based on best practice to ensure that our information meets the needs of its users. Our information production process ensures that health and care content is evidence-based and appropriate for the needs of our audiences:

  • A defined process including identifying the need for a product, checking stages, final sign-off, review, version control and archiving.
  • Staff are up to date in training and have relevant experience.
  • Evidence used is relevant and from a recognised source; information is reviewed regularly.
  • User involvement and testing ensure information is appropriate, takes into account users’ needs, and reflects those needs and the views of those using it.
  • End product is peer reviewed and approved.
  • Ongoing feedback is dealt with appropriately, in particular concerning errors, omissions or points for clarification.



If you have any questions or comments about the information on this website or would like information on the evidence used to produce it, please email [email protected].

The information included on this website was correct at the time of publication. We plan to review each page within three years of its publication.