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World AIDS Day 2016: It’s Not Over

Thursday 1 December is World AIDS Day – a day for people across the world to unite in support of the fight against HIV; a day to reflect on how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve still got to go.

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It’s Not Over

Terrence Higgins Trust’s theme for World AIDS Day is It’s Not Over (#ItsNotOver).

We’ve come a long way since the AIDS crisis first emerged, when so many lost their lives. Thankfully medical advances now mean HIV doesn’t have to stand in the way of living a long and healthy life.

But it’s not over. More people than ever are living with HIV in the UK. Services are being cut, stigma and myths about HIV are still deeply entrenched and we’re now seeing the first generation growing old with HIV. We can’t stop now.

On World AIDS Day 2016 we arere still fighting, still caring and still wearing our red ribbon with pride. We won’t forget, we won’t give up. It’s not over – but with your help, it could be.

What will you do on World AIDS Day?

This remarkable day always sees an outpouring of activity from Terrence Higgins Trust supporters across the country, from local events, collections and cake sales to people sharing red ribbon selfies on social media.

The HIV epidemic may not be over yet – but with your help, it could be.

Here’s how to get involved:

  • Find your nearest World AIDS Day event using our map of events taking place across the country.
  • Throw your own fundraiser for World AIDS Day.
  • Text RIBBON to 70707 to donate £1 to Terrence Higgins Trust and get your free red ribbon. Once you've text, we will contact you by phone and SMS to arrange delivery of your ribbon and tell you a bit more about our work. See opt out information and full terms and conditions
  • Don’t forget to share your red ribbon selfie with the hashtag #ItsNotOver.

For all the latest, keep an eye on our social media channels for #ItsNotOver.

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Fundraising ideas and resources

We've got lots of ideas to get you fundraising for World AIDS Day.

Fundraising ideas and resources

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Order your materials

Find out about all the great materials we have to help you with your fundraising and place an order.

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Terms and conditions

To donate £1 and receive your free red ribbon, text RIBBON to 70707.


World AIDS Day 2016 events

Find your nearest World AIDS Day event

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Sending us the money you’ve raised.

Find out how you can send us money from events and donations.

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Fundraise at university

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Fundraise at school

Get your school fundraising with Terrence Higgins Trust this World AIDS Day!