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About volunteering for us

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Your questions answered.

Why should I volunteer for Terrence Higgins Trust?

Volunteers are at the very heart of our charity - we were founded by volunteers over thirty years ago. People volunteer with us for a variety of reasons. Getting involved with one of our teams can help develop new skills or provide an opportunity to apply and improve existing skills, it's also a great way to gain valuable work experience and qualifications which can enhance your curriculum vitae. Last, but not least, it's a good opportunity to meet new people!

Whatever your reasons, you will be contributing to creating a world where people with HIV live healthy lives, free from prejudice and discrimination, and good sexual health is a reality for all. Volunteers are essential to everything we do!

What can I do as a volunteer?

Terrence Higgins Trust has a wide range of volunteering roles which may vary with locality - and you can see the types of things we can offer in these pages. Please contact us if you have any questions about volunteering or if you have specific skills you feel could benefit our charity.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone aged between 18 and 80 can volunteer with Terrence Higgins Trust provided they are able to fulfil the role description and meet the volunteer requirements.

Are there any age restrictions?

We welcome anyone aged 18 to 80 who is able to fulfil the role description and meet volunteer requirements. Young people aged 16-17 may be considered for some roles but would need expressed agreement from their parents or guardian. For insurance purposes, we cannot have any volunteers aged 80 or above. 

Where can I volunteer?

Terrence Higgins Trust has a number of centres in England, Scotland and Wales. We also have online volunteering opportunities too. Just tell us about the offices you'd like to work in when you apply.

How much time do I have to give?

Our volunteers roles are generally flexible and allow you to give as much or as little time as you can. If time is short for you then we often require volunteers on an ad hoc basis to support our fundraising and promotional events.

How do I apply?

It is really simple to become a volunteer with Terrence Higgins Trust. The first step is to apply to volunteer online, then we'll be in touch about opportunities in your area. If you'd like to apply for a role, we'll send you a form. Once you have completed your form and your references have been received, you will be invited to meet for an interview with a Terrence Higgins Trust team member and attend our mandatory volunteer induction training.

Do I need to supply references?

Yes. As part of the application process we ask prospective volunteers to supply the contact details for two references. These can be people who know you personally or in a professional context. We ask that your references are not family members and that they have known you for two years or more.

Will I need a Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB) or a Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) check?

Most of our volunteer roles do not require a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check or, in Scotland, a Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) check. However, some roles will require this check. Your local volunteer coordinator will inform you if a DBS or PVG check is needed.

I have a conviction. Can I still volunteer?

Yes. A criminal conviction does not necessarily bar someone from becoming a volunteer with Terrence Higgins Trust. We ask all potential volunteers to disclose any 'unspent' criminal convictions before their interview is arranged. This is necessary to help the charity protect its service users and reputation.

I'm a refugee/asylum seeker, can I volunteer?

Yes. People with refugee status or exceptional leave to remain (and their families) and asylum seekers, including failed asylum seekers (and their families) can volunteer with Terrence Higgins Trust. Non-European students on a student tier 4 visa and holders of a spouse/marriage visa are also eligible.

In general, volunteers with non-EU/EEA passports have the responsibility to ensure their immigration status permits them to volunteer. It is the responsibility of the volunteer, not the charity, to ensure the right to volunteer.

I live overseas, but will be visiting the UK for a while; while I'm in the UK, can I volunteer with Terrence Higgins Trust?

This will depend on the length of time that you plan to be in the UK for. It normally takes a few weeks for the application process to complete and it may take some time for you to attend one of our induction training weekends. As a rule, Terrence Higgins Trust asks its volunteers to commit to volunteer with us for a year.

What skills do I need?

The skills needed to volunteer with Terrence Higgins Trust will vary with the volunteer role. Many of our roles do not require any specific skills and training will always be provided where required. And of course, volunteering with Terrence Higgins Trust is a great way to learn and develop new skills.

What training is offered?

Terrence Higgins Trust is committed to providing volunteers with the training and resources they need to perform their roles effectively and to promote good sexual health. All volunteers are required to attend our induction training before being placed in a role. This interactive and fun training covers everything that our volunteers need to know when volunteering with us. Subject areas include HIV, sexual health, safeguarding, confidentiality and boundaries.

Additional training is offered to volunteers throughout the year in areas such as Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), HIV and nutrition, Trans* Awareness, and working with sex workers. All of our volunteers are also offered the opportunity to undertake accredited awards including:

City and Guilds (Level 2) – 'Understanding HIV'

Open College Network (Level 2) – 'Terrence Higgins Trust Volunteering in HIV and Sexual Health'

What support and supervision will I receive?

Terrence Higgins Trust takes the safety and well-being of its volunteers very seriously. Volunteers will be assigned to a staff-member who will offer ongoing support and supervision where required to help develop your volunteering role. Supervision may be through one-to-one meetings with a manager or through group-support meetings with other volunteers working in the same role.

Will volunteering affect my benefits?

Volunteering with Terrence Higgins Trust will not affect any benefits or allowances that you may receive from the state.

Do you offer work experience opportunities?

Terrence Higgins Trust may on occasion offer work experience opportunities. Please contact your local office to enquire whether there are any opportunities near you.

Will I be paid to volunteer?

Terrence Higgins Trust does not pay volunteers but will cover reasonable expenses.

Do you cover volunteer expenses?

Terrence Higgins Trust believes that when you volunteer with us you should not be left out of pocket. Volunteers are entitled to be repaid for travel and meals in accordance with our expenses policy while on Terrence Higgins Trust business.  

More questions?

Just get in touch:
Phone: 0808 802 1221
Email: volunteer.office@tht.org.uk



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