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Your healthcare

your healthcare
doctor explains to patient

How the NHS works

A short guide to the NHS.

doctor meets patient in hallway

Your HIV clinic

HIV clinic check-ups usually happen every three to six months.

not on treatment

Your GP

You don't have to tell your GP that you have HIV but there are good medical reasons to do so.

telling doctors and dentists

Dental care

Your right to dental care and patient confidentiality.

doctor talking patient through leaflet

Your healthcare rights

It is illegal for healthcare workers to discriminate against an HIV-positive patient.

confidential documents left in public office

Confidentiality of health records

All staff working for the NHS must follow NHS rules on confidentiality, and could face disciplinary action if they don’t.

doctor records patients grievances

Resolving problems with the NHS

Advice on what to do if there is a problem with your healthcare or if something has upset you.

HIV treatment and care

Changes to NHS services

Learn about the new structure of the NHS

a doctor talks to a patient

One Clinic

Access all of your HIV care and GP care in one place in our London service.