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Your HIV treatment

your treatment

HIV treatment

HIV treatment doesn’t cure HIV, but it makes you undetectable and unable to pass HIV on.

starting treatment

Starting treatment

Things to keep in mind when you're about to start HIV treatment.

Dealing with side effects

Dealing with side effects

Some side-effects are normal while others might be a sign of an allergy.

taking treatment

Taking medication

Tips to help you take your medication on time, wherever you are.



If you don't take your HIV drugs correctly, you risk developing resistance.

changing your treatment

Changing your treatment

If you have problems with your HIV drugs, ask your doctor for a different combination.

medicines in a pharmacy

HIV treatment and other drugs

Other prescription and recreational drugs can interact with certain anti-HIV drugs.

Changes to HIV drug prescribing in London

Generic HIV therapy

Generic HIV therapy

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials

The pros and cons of getting involved in clinical drug trials.

HIV medication listing

Over 20 anti-HIV drugs are now available. Find detailed information about anti-HIV drugs.