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Online advice

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Our Online Advice service is a great resource for anyone living with HIV in the UK.

If you would like an appointment with an Online Advisor you need to be a member of myHIV.

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If you need to speak to someone urgently, please contact THT Direct on 0808 802 1221

Our Online Advice service is available to all members of myHIV who are HIV positive and based in the UK. It's important that you select your HIV status during registration, as access to online services is restricted to users who meet these criteria.

  1. How can advice help
  2. How it works
  3. Our standards
  4. Privacy

How can advice help

GillianI can help you navigate the benefits maze and advise you with your legal problems across these areas:

  • housing
  • immigration
  • debt
  • benefits
  • employment
  • education

If you are experiencing problems with certain areas of your life I can provide you with information, offer you legal advice in social welfare law, and refer you to other people who can give you specialist help.

Ad hoc advice on WhatsApp

Our advisors can give you ad hoc advice over WhatsApp.

After you initial assessment, ask your advisor to be added to their WhatsApp contacts list.

The advisor won't always be immediately available - watch out for their availability status in the app - but they will usually answer your question within 2 working days.

How it works

GillianRead the information on this page carefully - it's important that you know the terms and conditions of this service and how your privacy is protected.

Why is Online Advice available only to myHIV members who are living with HIV?

  • Online Advice sessions take place over Skype or WhatsApp. Keeping these spaces safe and confidential is a key aspect of this service.
  • It's important to us to develop a good working partnership, and you will have your appointments with the same online advisor most of the time - this helps us help you.
  • We're constantly working on improving our services, and having some basic information about you helps us achieve this. You can securely get in touch anytime with your comments and feedback.

What happens next?

  1. Once you've registered with myHIV, click the Book an appointment link above or manage your bookings through your myHIV account.
  2. You'll have to fill in a quick assessment form before choosing a date for your first session.
  3. I'll be in touch to confirm your appointment.
  4. These can be either by Skype (using video, phone or chat), WhatsApp (using phone or chat).

Our standards

GillianI have been trained in the areas of housing, homelessness, debt, welfare benefits, immigration to Level 1, employment, domestic violence, welfare benefits, mental health awareness and suicide intervention.

Our service is confidential and your information is handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act. I will only share your information with your permission or if required to do so by the law.


You can find out how Terrence Higgins Trust protects your privacy and confidentiality in general on our Privacy page.

What you talk about in your advice sessions is treated as confidential. Your details will not be passed on to anyone outside Terrence Higgins Trust without your permission.

There are only a few circumstances when we would consider breaching confidentiality: if you are in danger of hurting yourself or others, or if we’re legally required to do so.

The information we collect

Your electronic communications in Online advice may be recorded. We use the data you provide specifically to deliver the service. The data we hold is kept for 12 months and then securely archived for a further five years in accordance with legal requirements and THT policy.

It’s important that you read the information on this page before you apply – as well as our terms and conditions for the service.

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