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Staying healthy

staying healthy
mental health

Mental health

Many people with HIV experience depression, anxiety or low self-esteem but help is available.

two men, one feeding the other soup

Healthy eating

Getting the most from your diet while living with HIV, plus advice on dealing with appetite problems.

alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs

Different drugs may interact with your HIV medication and long term use could affect your mental health.



Regular exercise can help combat fatigue, boost your confidence and change your body shape.



You can still have a fulfilling and satisfying sex life while living with HIV.



A number of infections can cause serious health problems in people with HIV.

pregnant african woman


Support is available if you are thinking of having a baby or are concerned about passing on HIV.

simple science

Living with HIV long term

Due to improved HIV treatment, many people now live with the virus well into later life.

Man after a flu jab

Flu vaccine

It’s that time of year again! Think ahead and take precautions to avoid harmful effects of seasonal flu.

Health Wealth and Happiness

50 plus and living with HIV?

Over 50s are now the fastest-growing group of people living with HIV.