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Telling people you're HIV positive

who to tell

Who to tell?

It's important to think about how different people may react to being told that you are HIV positive.

Disclosure to friends


The nature of your friendship is a factor in deciding whether or not to disclose your HIV status to them.

yelling your family


Things to consider if you are telling your family that you are HIV positive, plus advice for parents.

telling partners

Sexual partners

Telling a partner about your HIV can be stressful as they may be concerned about contracting it.

telling doctors and dentists

Healthcare and insurance

What are the implications of telling your dentist, GP or insurer that you are HIV positive?

disclosure at work


Some of the potential benefits and risks in telling your employer that you are HIV positive.

telling people at school and college

Schools and colleges

The pros and cons of informing schools and colleges of your (or your child's) HIV.

hiv sex law


Are you legally obliged to tell people that you are HIV positive? Find out your rights and responsibilities.