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hiv sex law
background to the law

Background to prosecution and the law

Some people have been prosecuted for transmitting HIV in the UK.

how the law works

How the law works

What law is used to prosecute people for HIV transmission?

when prosecutions suceed

When prosecutions succeed

Prosecutions for these offences are very rare, but there are an increasing number of allegations and investigations.

when prosecutions fail

When prosecutions fail

Most allegations never reach court, especially where there are clear guidelines for police and the prosecution service.

how do you proove it

How do you prove it?

People often make assumptions about who infected them with HIV or an STI, which may turn out to be wrong.

i've been accused

I've been accused

What do I do if someone accuses me of HIV transmission?

I want to complain

I want to complain

What should I do if I want to make a complaint about someone infecting me?

I've been asked to be a witness

I've been asked to be a witness

If you are caught up in these investigations as a witness, it is important to be sure that you are comfortable with this.

thinking on prosecutions

Views on prosecutions

Articles, blogs and essays on the issue of prosecutions for transmission of HIV and other STIs.