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Travel insurance

travel insurance

If you have HIV or another pre-existing medical condition, your travel insurance company might withdraw certain medical and emergency benefits from your policy, or refuse to cover you at all.

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Do I have to tell the insurer that I have HIV?

Failing to let your insurer know about your HIV status invalidates your policy. Even non HIV-related health issues and accidents wouldn't be covered.

Do I really need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is an essential part of travelling because illnesses and accidents are actually more likely to occur then. It can be traumatic and certainly expensive to fall ill abroad, or to have to cancel a trip because of an accident, emergency or illness. 

What about the European Health Insurance Card?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) only covers treatment costs, so you should take out additional travel insurance even when travelling within the European Economic Area.

The EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance. It will not cover any private medical healthcare or the cost of mountain rescue in ski resorts, being returned home to the UK, additional transport costs such as ambulances or lost or stolen property.

Find out more about accessing healthcare services abroad.

Companies offering travel insurance for people with HIV:

Please note that Terrence Higgins Trust cannot recommend any particular insurance service or broker. However, we are aware of the following insurance companies having experience in providing specific HIV travel cover.

World First Travel Insurance
66 High Street
EX14 1RT
Tel: 0345 90 80 161
Fax: 0845 90 80 181
Email: info@world-first.co.uk

It's So Easy Travel Insurance
27 Old Gloucester Street
Tel: 0844 357 1314

Freedom Insurance
Richmond House
16-20 Regent Street
Tel: 01223 446 914
Email: information@freedominsure.co.uk

AllClear Travel
AllClear House
1 Redwing Court
Ashton Road
Tel: 0845 250 5201

Tel: 020 3829 3875
Email: insurancewith@infinityinsurance.co.uk

Other companies also offer HIV insurance services. You should try to get multiple quotes and to check fully the cover offered before deciding.

Remember to always check the small print as the cover offered does vary.


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