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Making a complaint

At Terrence Higgins Trust we aim to provide a high standard of service for everyone, but if you feel things have gone wrong then we have a formal process to ensure your complaint is handled fairly.

Within all our services and offices you will find comment cards so you can provide us with feedback on your experience of using our services.

On occasions we do not always get things right and you may feel unhappy with the service that you received. In the first instance you can request to speak to the local manager who will be able to assist in answering your questions.

If you have not received the standard of service that you would expect from us, we would like to hear from you. We will carefully review your concern and where we can we will put things right. If we can’t we will explain why and apologise when we have been at fault.

Your complaints, compliments and suggestions will help us to improve our services, so let us know your views.

Our complaints procedure

Stage One: Informal complaint

If you are unhappy about a service you have received from us, you should report this in the first instance to the local centre manager. They will contact you within two working days of you making the complaint, and attempt to address the problem within five working days.

Stage Two: Formal complaint

If you are not satisified with the outcome of the complaint at stage one, contact Terrence Higgins Trust’s Head Office with details of your complaint. You can contact our Head Office by email, letter or by phone. A letter acknowledging the complaint will be sent to you together with information outlining our complaints procedure. We will inform you of what action is being taken, the person dealing with the complaint and the time by which you can expect to receive a detailed response.

Stage Three

If you are not satisfied by the outcome of stage two, you can request a further investigation of your complaint led by the Chief Executive, who will review the information from yourself and the stage two response letter.

Stage Four

Where a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved at stage three, you can request an investigation of your complaint by the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Any such review will only deal with the following matters: -

  • That the investigation has been carried out in-line with the stated procedure
  • That the investigation has been handled fairly
  • The Chair of the Board of Trustees will not comment on the substance of the complaint.

If the Chair of the Board of Trustees finds that the correct procedure was not followed, or that the matter had not been fairly handled, they shall specify why and give directions for a re-investigation.

The decision of the Chair of the Board of Trustees is final and will be provided in a final formal letter of response.

You can download a copy of this guide to making a complaint here.

Make a complaint

The Executive Office
Terrence Higgins Trust
314 – 320 Gray’s Inn Road

020 7812 1850 

You can also email us and let us know when we have got things right: