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HIV Prevention England

HIV Prevention England

What is HIV Prevention England?

HIV Prevention England (HPE) is the national HIV prevention programme for England. It delivers a nationally co-ordinated programme of HIV prevention work with UK-based black African people and with gay men/men who have sex with men (MSM). It brings together campaigns, online services, local work and policy work. It works closely with black African, gay, and faith communities, NHS clinics, local authorities and Public Health England.

HPE is a nationally funded programme, funded by Public Health England, designed to complement locally commissioned prevention in areas of higher prevalence. It is part of Terrence Higgins Trust.

  1. Aims
  2. Approach
  3. Plans
  4. Resources


What are we aiming to achieve?

HPE has been commissioned to deliver five goals. These inform all the work we do:

  1. Increase HIV testing to reduce undiagnosed and late diagnoses.
  2. Promotion of condom use as a safer sex strategy.
  3. Promote other evidence-based safer-sex and biomedical HIV prevention interventions.
  4. Raise awareness of the role of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the context of HIV acquisition and transmission.
  5. Reduce levels of HIV related stigma within affected communities and more widely.

More about HPE.


How are we planning to do this?

Social marketing approach

The social marketing campaign will offer the best value for money by building on the assets and engagement of the previous programme, while rejuvenating the campaign with a fresh creative approach and with innovative new features based on the latest strategies in commercial media, social marketing and health promotion. The It Starts With Me brand will be refreshed for both MSM and African communities from September 2016. The programme will follow a Behavioural Ecological Model which drives behaviour change by action on the individual, local, community and ‘social structural’ level.

System leadership and development

The programme will issue five briefings per year on the programme objectives, each customised for the following groups:

  1. Local authorities (Commissioners, Directors of Public Health, Health and Wellbeing Boards, lead counsellors)
  2. Clinicians
  3. GPs and primary care
  4. Faith communities.

In addition, programme representatives will engage with networks and attend meetings of commissioners, clinicians, regional public health bodies, local government and primary care practitioners to brief them about the activity of the programme.

Sector development

HPE will integrate sector development into the structures of the programme to increase knowledge, skills and innovation within HIV prevention in England.


Terrence Higgins Trust will work closely with the evaluation contract holder to provide robust monitoring data in order to effectively evaluate the programme. This will include data on:

  1. Local delivery: monitoring of local activity will be completed through a bespoke dashboard on the HPE website.
  2. Marketing activity: monitoring digital, social media and campaign deliverables and their associated key performance indicators (KPIs).
  3. System leadership and sector development: activity-based monitoring supported by annual evaluation surveys of stakeholders including after National HIV Testing Week and a national conference.

More about HPE.


The It Starts With Me summer campaign (May to August) will engage people with the campaign and its calls to action will relate to condom use, risk reduction and HIV testing. It will also motivate individuals to become advocates, with the aim of increasing the reach of the intervention. Unique elements include emotionally engaging video content and event-based promotion at MSM and Black African (BA) community events.

National HIV Testing Week (starting Saturday 19 November) will focus the nation on HIV testing. Condom Week (February 2017) will focus on the importance of condoms in the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). These events will include both digital and traditional media as well as locally delivered interventions.

There will be another, primarily digital event during autumn supporting the role of people living with HIV in prevention. At four other designated times, online content will focus on issues relating to the wider determinants of health including mental health, alcohol and drugs, relationships and gender equality.

‘Always-on’ activity throughout the year will consist of:

  • MSM and BA branded ‘blog’ posts to provide thought leadership and to address not only HIV issues, but also wider determinants of health related to HIV, sexual health and behaviour through original and curated content.
  • Content marketing via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with daily postings and original content following the agreed behaviour change strategy.
  • Promotion of video clips of different lengths and formats to optimise each platform (Facebook auto play, YouTube pre-roll etc.)
  • Paid promotion of behaviour-change tools and postal testing.
  • Four printed issues of Mambo magazine for African communities which will provide easy access information on HIV and sexual health, as well as general health, wellbeing and lifestyle issues.
  • Email marketing to those who have signed up for updates on the campaign, the blog or related health/wellbeing content.
  • Ongoing influencer engagement, especially with those who create their own online content, in order to further amplify campaign messages and to promote events, HIV testing and behaviour change tools.

Event-based activity will include the elements above (as appropriate) and add:

  1. Outdoor advertising in areas with high populations of target groups to create thought disruption, generate interest and drive action.
  2. Print, broadcast and phone app advertising on targeted channels.
  3. Face-to-face interventions by local delivery providers.

More about HPE.


The programme will provide a range of printed information resources and behaviour-change tools to be used in face-to-face settings, available to all organisations engaged in HIV prevention and testing work in England. In this way the programme will support and add value to Local Authority-funded HIV prevention work as well as clinics and primary care.

Ordering resources

More information

For further information contact: HPE@tht.org.uk.



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