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About HIV

Several red ribbons and question marks symbolising HIV and AIDS

What are HIV and AIDS?

What do the terms HIV and AIDS actually mean and what is the difference between them?

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A London bus

How common is HIV?

Not all people or parts of the world are affected by HIV to the same level.

Sponges symbolising buttocks

How HIV is transmitted

Ways in which HIV is transmitted.

Signs and symptoms of HIV

Symptoms of HIV

What happens after someone is infected with the virus.

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a test tube

Testing for HIV

What the HIV test involves

fastest direct

Order your HIV postal test kit

Fastest Direct is our free, easy and confidential HIV postal testing service.

A hand holding a medicine bottle

Treatment for HIV

How HIV treatment works.

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taking a blood sample

HIV self-testing

Selling self testing kits for HIV is now legal in the UK. This means you can take a test, and get a result, in your own home.

a bottle of pills

Pre-exposure prophylaxis

Regularly taking a course of PrEP can protect you from any HIV infection later.


Post-exposure prophylaxis

PEP can stop a person becoming infected after HIV has entered their body.