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When your partner is HIV negative

Relationships where one person is HIV positive and the other is HIV negative are called ‘serodiscordant’.


When you're both positive

If you're both living with HIV, in what we call a seroconcordant realtionship, here's what you need to know.

Man chatting to woman

Talking to your partner

Some advice on talking about HIV with your partner.



Unfortunately it is common to experience feelings of blame following your HIV diagnosis.


Faith and HIV

Faith communities can be incredibly supportive but some may find it difficult to discuss HIV and sexuality.

long way from home

Long way from home

The challenge of being HIV positive in the UK while your family lives in another country.

Talking about HIV

Supporting someone with HIV

When someone is diagnosed with HIV it can be emotionally draining for them, but it can affect you as well.

a hand held up

Stigma and HIV

Stigma is when a negative label is attached to an aspect of a person which is wrongly seen as disgraceful or unacceptable.

a gay couple looking apart from each other


Sometimes HIV plays a part in breakups, especially if you have been newly diagnosed.