Essex (Harlow)

Harlow Central Fire Station

Fourth Avenue


CM20 1DU

United Kingdom


From April to June 2024 we will be holding a rapid HIV testing clinic at Harlow Central Fire Station from 10am to 3pm on the first Tuesday of each month.

This is an appointment-based service only. Book an appointment by calling 0300 373 3421 or email us using the ‘get in touch’ option below. Appointments typically take 30-45 minutes.

Clients will be greeted at the door of the Command Building at the rear of the fire station. There is no need to report to the Fire Station Reception.

Two hours of free parking is available a short two minute walk away in the Sainsbury’s carpark - please see directions on the map below. Parking is not available in the Fire Station itself.

Please note the interactive map above may not show the correct building location.

Diagram with directions to the Advice Centre which is near the Harlow Fire Station Community Building.

Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)


We're able to offer chlamydia and gonorrhoea postal tests to people that book and attend our clinics. Your results will be available in two weeks.

Sexual health information and advice


We offer sexual health information on safer sex and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Further information


We offer free condoms and lube for walk-in users, as well as via outreach at events in the local community.

The entrance of the Advice Centre.