James: 'After I was diagnosed with HIV, my life really changed. I realised my dream to become a pilot.'

Our HIV testing services


We offer free HIV testing in many of our centres in England, Scotland and Wales. In some locations these are by appointment only.

As well as offering tests at our centres, we also go out to places like schools, colleges, churches and local community centres to offer HIV testing.

If it’s not possible for you to test at one of our centres, or you’d rather do so in your home, you can order an HIV testing kit to be delivered to you by post.

You may be eligible for our low-cost self testing service, which is free in some areas and also provides a limited number of free tests to those in the rest of the country who can't afford to pay. 

Use our simple test finder to help you find a free online HIV test in the UK.

Getting a test


The test will require a small amount of blood to be taken from your finger. Depending on the test being used, results are available in as quickly as one minute, and after up to 20 minutes.

If appropriate we will offer other tests, depending on what’s available in your area.

To ensure that all our clinical services provide you with a high standard of care and treatment and are safe, our services are provided within our clinical governance framework.

This means that our staff are trained to undertake their roles, we have clear policies and procedures in place and work within national guidelines and standards. We regularly monitor our services and welcome feedback from our service users.

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