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Good sexual health is vital for everyone. Trans, non-binary and gender diverse people often find they are left out of mainstream information relating to health and wellbeing. This can leave us without any tools and relying on guesswork, and reading between the lines as to what is relevant for our health, our bodies and our identities.

Connecting in a sexual way to our bodies can be hard for some of us sometimes, but ultimately it can be a joyous experience. Everyone has a right to happy, healthy sex. Being able to access clear and concise information will help reduce health inequalities that trans and non-binary people experience. This in itself will contribute to our wellbeing and sense of self.

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There’s something very powerful about being in your body.



This information was written and produced by trans and non-binary staff at Terrence Higgins Trust. It was developed in conjunction with members of the trans community, drawn from community focus groups and trans people working professionally in the field of sexual health and HIV in London, Brighton and elsewhere in the UK, and our peer reviewer Dr Kate Nambiar, clinical lead at Clinic T and sexual health and gender identity doctor at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

We're grateful to everyone who has contributed.

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It’s important that people who are trans and gender diverse have clear and relevant information so they can feel empowered to feel safe and have a really great sex life.