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Donate now. Together we can stop HIV.

One-off donation

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£ 25

£25 helps provide community support for someone with HIV who feels alone and isolated.

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£ 50

£50 helps fund our national helpline to provide support to people in need of help.

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£ 100

£100 helps run a peer support group for mothers with HIV.

Regular donation

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£ 10

£10 a month helps us provide free and accessible HIV and STI testing.

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£ 15

£15 a month helps pay for counselling for people newly diagnosed with HIV.

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£ 25

£25 a month helps fund our national helpline to provide support to people in need.

Donate to us

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Please donate to help us make HIV stigma a thing of the past.

'I wouldn't be sitting here today without the support of Terrence Higgins Trust.' - Chris

The day I found out I had HIV I couldn’t see anything but darkness. My diagnosis changed everything. I was overcome with pain and fear. I felt I’d burdened everyone by getting HIV – the people I worked for, my family, my partner. Just when I reached crisis point, I heard about Terrence Higgins Trust.

I rang the helpline and I finally began to see that first tiny bit of light.

The person I spoke to was amazing. He calmed me down. There was no judgement, there was no pity. Over time, and with support, that light grew. I got help and it changed my life. I went along to a group for people who were newly diagnosed. We didn’t have enough knowledge and there were so many questions. The group gave me answers and filled me with hope that I could carry on.

This group helped to get my life back on track.

The sessions helped me so much that in just six weeks that I felt compelled to do more for others affected by HIV. It gave me the confidence to stand up at a fundraising dinner for 150 people and tell my story for the first time. And now I am part of Positive Voices, an amazing initiative that trains people living with HIV to talk to young people in schools. So far, Positive Voices has reached over 12,000 people, raising awareness and helping to dispel myths and misconceptions around HIV.

I’m doing everything I can to help overcome the ignorance, fear and stigma of HIV, sharing my story over and over again. But in the face of shocking government cuts, Terrence Higgins Trust urgently needs donations to keep their services running.

Please donate to help us make HIV stigma a thing of the past. 

£100 could help educate and raise awareness of HIV to a classroom of students through our Positive Voices scheme.

£50 could help to run one session at a newly diagnosed group.

£25 could help fund the THT Direct helpline.

You can also donate by calling 020 7812 1612 or sending a cheque to our King's Cross Office. Please mark any envelopes 'FAO Supporter Care Officer'. 

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Find out what we'll do with your money to change the lives of people living with HIV.

Why give?