Alex standing with his chest and stomach exposed, draped with a towel and holding a razor.

Another day and another wonderful supporter tells us why they’ve decided to help make a difference and fundraise for this year’s Big Shave Off. Alex explains why he’s decided to trim some chest hair for Terrence Higgins Trust. 

“I’ve never had to use the services at Terrence Higgins Trust before, but this is a cause that I really believe in – the work at Terrence Higgins Trust has been instrumental in fighting stigma and has led to better public knowledge about HIV. And so, I’ve decided that I will be sacrificing my beloved chest hair for the good of the cause! If there's time, I may even shave my lower back, a few people have even said they will donate even more if it can be waxed...

“I’ve cycled from London to Brighton for different charities several times, but never anything like this. This jungle has never been deforested before!

“My fiancé (as of 24 June 2024!!) Hakeem will be coming along to watch – as will my best pup friend Rich, amongst many others! A big thank you to everyone who has already supported me – and the only other thing I want to say is, big love to everyone this Pride Month!”

A big thank you, Alex. Your amazing support means we can continue to be here for people affected by HIV. Thank you for being a part of what we do! You can help Alex smash his fundraising target and donate to his page by clicking below.

If you’d like to brave a shave, there’s still time! Sign up today and email [email protected] for any questions.