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To mark four decades of HIV activism, we've launched a 40th anniversary Heart badge. Wearers include It’s A Sin stars Lydia West and Callum Scott-Howells, Drag Race UK’s Tia Kofi and Cheryl Hole and Heartstopper’s William Gao

It is 40 years since our namesake, Terry Higgins, became one of the first people to die of an AIDS-related illness. His partner and friends set up Terrence Higgins Trust in response to the emerging epidemic, and to provide life-saving information at a time when media and Government were stoking up fear and stigma.

While we have seen such huge progress since then, our work is not yet done. That’s why we’re asking people to wear our Heart badge to show solidarity with people living with HIV today and remember Terry and each and every person lost to AIDS-related illnesses.


Speaking about the milestone and the legacy of the Heart, Terry’s friend and co-founder of Terrence Higgins Trust Martyn Butler said: 'My vibrant, hilarious friend Terry Higgins collapsed while partying at Heaven nightclub and never left the hospital – becoming the first named person to die of an AIDS-related illness in the UK.

'The nightclub’s then logo had a red heart at its centre. It seemed a no-brainer for this to evolve as the symbol at the heart of the organisation we set up in Terry’s memory with a determination to humanise the epidemic and provide desperately needed care to the fast-growing number of people impacted by HIV. That our charity and the symbol have stood the test of time is a tribute to 40 years of AIDS activists and the life changing work of Terrence Higgins Trust.'


Our Campaigns Director Richard Angell said: 'The Heart has been with us from the start. It has been a symbol of love and care in a world that often discriminates against people living with HIV. It was worn by those impacted by HIV and allies and for a period, it was a way for people to identify each other as HIV activists, and we have heard a few story of it facilitating a few "meet ups" between the LGBT+ community in the days before dating apps.

'It stays with Terrence Higgins Trust to this day – in its wake we continue to fights HIV stigma. Wear our Heart with pride and show your support for people living with HIV and the country’s leading HIV charity.'

Get your free 40th anniversary Heart badge to support our work with those living with and impacted by HIV.

Our 40th anniversary