Lynne Short with long hair before the Big Shave Off with Terrence Higgins Trust staff

Back in June 2022, Dundee councillor Lynne Short shaved her head in a bid to remove the stigma around HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Lynne raised over £2,000 to support people affected by HIV and our work at Terrence Higgins Trust. Nikki Brand from Hush Hair was on hand to lop off her long locks!

Here, she tells us why she took on our Big Shave Off and why you should take on the challenge this summer!

I saw the Big Shave Off on Facebook, a challenge to raise as much money as possible to help people affected by HIV, and thought I’d take it on!
I’m old enough to remember the 1980s, and the Government and media victimising those who had HIV. We can’t allow things to slide back in that direction. It’s only by being aware, supportive and remembering how far we have come that we can hold onto hard-won rights. 

Lynne Short having her hair cut

I was at that stage in life where I thought I needed a challenge, and it was the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of Terrence Higgins Trust and the marvelous work that they do, and also raise funds.
And I thought: 'Why not, it’ll grow back!'
I’ve always tried to be a good LGBT+ ally and supportive of Terrence Higgins Trust’s work, the staff and all those that are supported by them. I can make a difference by listening to others, and use my voice (or hair!) to make sure that those most in need of a voice can use me to carry their stories.
I was so excited for shave day as the donations were coming in on my JustGiving page. The lovely Nikki Brand from Hush Hair shaved my head for me and I didn’t have time to worry too much about the consequences.

Lynne Short portrait after hair cut

I was delighted that my shave raised over £2,000, not to mention raising awareness of the work of Terrence Higgins Trust. Post shave, I thought my new look was fine – my mother didn’t! 

My top tip for fundraising is don’t stop! Keep asking for donations when you have done the shave as people are always generous on the day itself and afterwards.

If you can, invite the local press to join you with a camera to film it all for added impact for fundraising or stream it live over Instagram or Facebook.

Feel inspired? Sign up now to our Big Shave Off and you’ll receive your free Terrence Higgins Trust T-shirt. Raise over £250 and you’ll receive a Heart pin badge!