Gareth Thomas looking left

As the charity partner of Gareth Thomas’s anti-stigma campaign Tackle HIV, we're proud that Move, Donate, Nominate will be raising money for our cause.

The challenge is a fun way to get everyone talking about HIV and help to raise money that will mean we can be there for more people affected by HIV.

How to take part

  • Move: Whatever you like – walk, run, dust off an old tennis racket or get swimming – anything that gets you moving. Don’t forget to take a video or photo.
  • Donate: Give £5 to support our work via our JustGiving page.
  • Nominate: Share your photo or video on social media and pass on the challenge by nominating up to five people to take part. Tag them, as well as #TackleHIV and @THTorguk.

Gareth’s story


Gareth has previously spoken about the huge impact HIV stigma had on him when he was first diagnosed, saying: ‘Because I wasn’t educated about HIV, I thought I had been given a death sentence when I was diagnosed and I don’t want anyone else to go through that. I want to prove there’s life after a positive diagnosis and show everyone the realities of HIV.’

The £5,000 will help to support our programmes of work which help to tackle stigma and empower people living with HIV, including Positive Voices and free online counselling. 

‘Sport and exercise have been such a big part of how Gareth has challenged public perceptions of HIV, by showing everyone he’s still as fit and healthy as ever,’ explains our CEO Ian Green.

‘Today he’s continuing to share that powerful message with the launch of this new challenge. We’re excited to team up with Gareth to get the nation moving and talking about the realities of HIV. That’s because until we end the abhorrent stigma that continues to be associated with HIV, we cannot make meaningful progress towards ending new HIV transmissions.’

Thank you from Gareth


‘I’m looking forward to seeing all your videos and knowing you’re raising money,’ says Gareth.

To get involved visit our Move, Donate, Nominate webpage and get sharing on your social media! Thank you for your support.