I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are well and doing the best you can at this difficult time. 

As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) escalates and evolves on a daily basis, our work is needed now more than ever.

People living with HIV are among the most likely to be worrying about their health at this time, particularly if they are not yet on effective treatment, having been living with HIV for a long time or have compromised immune systems. 

Our support services, such as online counselling and our helpline THT Direct, are already in much higher demand than usual. We're currently working through plans to increase the capacity of THT Direct to ensure as many people as possible can access this vital service. With increasing pressure on the NHS, we also need to be there to step up and fill that gap in provision to ensure no-one’s left without anyone to turn to during this difficult time.

We don't know what the impact of COVID-19 will be but there’s no doubt in my mind when I say this pandemic will put a considerable financial strain on our UK-wide services. We are relying on the generosity of our supporters to ensure we can continue to be there for the people that need us more than ever before. If you are able to help us by donating at this unprecedented time, we would be truly grateful for your support.

Our top priority is, as always, the safety and wellbeing of our service users, supporters and staff at this difficult time and we want to ensure everyone is kept informed with the latest information. 

Public Health England has recently updated its guidance for people living with HIV and COVID-19. You can read our Medical Director Dr Michael Brady’s response to COVID-19 along with frequently asked questions for people living with HIV.


As we’ve seen over the decades of the HIV epidemic, incredible progress can be made when everyone works together and stands in solidarity through the hardest of times. We are proud to see the community in action, the dedication of the NHS and humanity’s strength shining through. 

Once again, we are so grateful for your solidarity. Thank you.

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