A study of nearly 1,000 gay male couples who had sex without using condoms – where one partner was HIV positive and on effective treatment and the other HIV negative – has reported no cases of within-couple HIV transmission over eight years.

The results of the PARTNER 2 study show the incredible progress in the fight against HIV and conclusively that those living with HIV who are on effective treatment can't pass it on, with or without a condom.

In 2016, PARTNER 1 reported zero HIV transmissions between an HIV positive partner on effective treatment to their negative partner. Couples in the study had sex over 58,000 times without using a condom.  

Dr Michael Brady, Medical Director at Terrence Higgins Trust and National NHS Adviser for LGBT Health, said: 'It is impossible to overstate the importance of the findings about this crucial treatment, which the NHS provides to all patients as soon as they are diagnosed with HIV. 

'The PARTNER study has given us the confidence to say, without doubt, that people living with HIV who are on effective treatment cannot pass the virus on to their sexual partners. This has incredible impact on the lives of people living with HIV and is a powerful message to address HIV-related stigma.'

Both studies give undisputable scientific evidence that effective treatment stops HIV transmissions. 

Yet, in 2017 we found that only 9% of the British public are aware of this facts and one in three would be uncomfortable giving first aid to someone living with HIV on effective treatment. 

That’s why we have our Can’t Pass It On campaign to increase awareness about the realities of HIV. If everyone believed the science, we could bring an end to HIV stigma and stop HIV transmissions altogether.