I pledge to stand up for sexual health - Sexual Health Manifesto

On Thursday 5 December we held a live Q&A session on Twitter for prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) to discuss what their party is doing to support sexual health.

We questioned the candidates on a wide range of topics in relation to the Sexual Health Manifesto, which is supported by over 30 organisations.  

We invited all PPCs in England to take part. Here is a round up of what was said:

1. The UK Government has committed to ending new HIV transmissions in England by 2030. How will you help to achieve this?

Green Party PPCs stated that they wanted to increase testing, tackle stigma through education and ensure PrEP is available for free on the NHS.


Labour Party PPCs stated to meet this target sexual health services needed to be fully funded and a complete rollout of PrEP was needed.

Liberal Democrat PPCs advised that they would address this through education in schools and a public information campaign.


2. BAME and LGBTQ+ communities are disproportionately impacted by poor sexual health. What would you do to address these inequalities?

Green Party PPCs said they would ensure that they would respect those communities and ensure that any forms of discrimination is challenged.


Labour Party PPCs stated that the third sector should be fully supported to provide specific health services and informational campaigns.


Liberal Democrat PPCs advised that they will address inequalities in health service access faced by same-sex couples and continue to improve LGBT+ healthcare overall.

3. How would you ensure investment in public health, including sexual health?

Green Party PPCs advised that they would invest in a sexual health strategy and invest in quality and accessible sexual health services. 


Labour Party PPCs said they will invest £1 billion after years of cuts to the public health budget.


Liberal Democrat PPCs stated they will keep public health in local authorities and make sure the funds are granted to join up public health and NHS services.

4. PrEP is highly effective medication that prevents the spread of HIV. How would you make sure that it is made available to all those at risk of HIV from April 2020?

Green Party PPCs said that they will ensure that PrEP is provided by NHS England without delay.


Labour Party PPCs advised they would fully fund PrEP and make it available to all who need it.


Liberal Democrat PPCs stated they would make PrEP available for anyone who needs it. They would then make it available on the NHS like any other prescription.

5. What will you do to help break down the discrimination and stigma people living with HIV face?

Green Party PPCs said they will end the opt-out of LGBTIQA+ inclusive RSE classes at school and increase information about HIV and AIDS among young people.


Labour Party PPCs stated to help break the stigma we have to be open and to talk about HIV. They pledge to stand with people affected by HIV and to campaign alongside them to end the stigma and misinformation. This must be taught in schools through RSE.

Liberal Democrat PPCs said that they would fund a public information campaigns to tackle stigmas in specific groups and communities, including those with HIV.

Thank you to all the candidates who took part in the session. We’re pleased all the candidates are committed to ending HIV stigma, new transmissions of HIV, a full roll out of PrEP in England, and for supporting fully inclusive relationships and sex education.

There is one week until election day. This General Election is a crucial opportunity to raise the profile of HIV and the need to address sexual health inequalities. 

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