We understand that some people living with HIV have received text messages advising them to shield and completely self-isolate for three months.

We're investigating who received these messages and why this has happened. In the meantime, the British HIV Association (BHIVA) has contacted all members and added a message to the BHIVA website to reassure people living with HIV that they're not at any greater risk of COVID-19.

There is no evidence, nor guidance, that people with well-controlled HIV should shield.

We and BHIVA recommend that only people whose immune system is known to be very weak as shown by a CD4 count of less than 50, or who have had a serious illness due to suppression of the immune system in the last six months, should be encouraged to follow the shielding advice.

These are anxious times for everyone, but we are urging people living with HIV not to panic. We will continue to monitor the latest developments and provide updated guidance if and when necessary.

Our Coronavirus COVID-19 blog post has the latest information on the new virus, guidance for people living with HIV and answers to frequently asked questions by our Medical Director, Dr Michael Brady.

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