A selfie of Chris.

Another one of our incredible supporters is braving a shave at this year’s Big Shave Off at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London on Thursday 11 July. Here’s Chris on why he’s losing the facial furniture to help fundraise for the cause. 

Terrence Higgins Trust provides some great resources on topics around HIV and sexual health. I’ve used the website before, which has lots of helpful information and advice about how I can keep myself healthy and informed on good sexual wellbeing. I especially remember finding useful links on how to access and take PrEP to reduce my HIV risk. So when I saw the ad to take part in the Big Shave Off, I was really excited for the opportunity to support the work that this charity does. 

I’ve decided to have my beard shaved off – not that there is much of a choice between the hair on my face and on my head! I haven’t been clean-shaven since I was about 15, so it seemed the most dramatic way to do it! I have held baking and walking fundraisers before for various charities, but I have a feeling this fundraiser will stay with me for a little longer! 

My family, friends and work colleagues will be coming along to watch the shave. I’d like to say it’s for moral support, but I think everyone I know just wants to see what my chin(s) really look like. I’ll let them off though, as they’ve all been generously topping up the donation pot!

“I also really want to thank everyone else who has donated to support Terrence Higgins Trust and made plans to attend in person on 11 July (at my favourite place, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern!). I know my boyfriend Dan is getting cold feet as he's never seen me without my beard. Maybe buy him a drink if you see him about to make a run for it!"

A huge thank you to Chris – it’s because of the support from fundraisers such as yourselves that we can continue to provide vital online resources and be here for people affected by HIV.

If you’d like to brave a shave for Team Terry, sign up today. You can also email [email protected] for any questions.