For many of our centres, you don’t need to book an appointment and can simply turn up to get a test.

As well as offering tests at our centres, we also go out to places like schools, colleges, churches and local community centres to offer testing for STIs.

Types of STI tests


Our centres can test for a variety of STIs, and the precise test you take will depend on what infection you’re tested for. Most tests involve a urine sample, or a small sample of blood.

STIs we can test for will depend on the centre, but include:

If you think you have taken a risk and are not sure which STI you should be tested for, you can simply go to one of our centres and speak to a staff member who will advise you which tests to take. 

The process is quick and easy for testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, using self-taken samples. If the self-taken samples are performed correctly, you should be in and out the office in no more than 10 minutes.

For the self-taken tests, you will receive your results by text message, normally within seven days but often much sooner.

We won’t tell anyone about your test without your consent.

If you test positive for an STI


If you test positive for an STI, we’ll get in touch directly and refer you to a clinic for treatment.

Most STIs are easy to treat and we will give you all the information and support you need.

The sooner you know you have an STI, the more quickly it can be treated.

It’s important to know if you do have an STI as not only can you be treated, you can also make sure you don’t pass it on to anyone else.

Testing by post


In some parts of England, we're funded to provide free chlamydia postal tests for young people.