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How you think and feel about yourself can affect your relationships, home and work life. Our low cost counselling service which is available to anyone in the UK enables you to explore whatever you are dealing with from a different angle, giving you the opportunity to make changes. So however big or small the issue feels, we are here to support you.

Counselling is a very individual process, but it can help you:

  • increase intimacy with others and discover ways to choose more fulfilling relationships with partners, family and friends 
  • develop self-acceptance and self-appreciation 
  • discover different perspectives on life experiences
  • increase self-understanding
  • increase confidence in yourself to make changes and choices that support your well-being
  • feel more ‘alive’, motivated and hopeful.

Our counsellors are trained to support you through a range of issues and difficulties including:

  • dealing with an HIV diagnosis
  • difficult emotions and low self-esteem
  • issues around identity 
  • sex and relationships
  • chemsex
  • use of drugs and alcohol
  • life changes and transitions.

You can access our online counselling service from anywhere in the UK or if you prefer to see our counsellors in-person you can do so at one of our centres in Brighton, Glasgow or London.

Our fully qualified counsellors come from a range of backgrounds. They are complemented by a team of trainees in the advanced stage of training (who like doctors and teachers need to complete a certain amount of their training on the job to qualify). All of our counsellors are provided with regular clinical supervision to ensure you get the best care.

Charges for our low cost counselling service are based on your annual income.

  • If you earn above £40,000 per year, you will be charged £50 per session
  • If you earn between £30,000 - £39,999, you will be charged £40 per session
  • If you earn between £20,000 - £29,999, you will be charged £30 per session

We also provide a limited number of up to 12 free sessions per person per year to support people who earn an annual income of less than £20,000 or are unemployed/on benefits who can’t afford to pay.

Most counselling, whether online or in-person, will take place during regular weekly sessions that last for around 50 minutes.

Registering for our low cost counselling service is easy. Just create an account and start the application process.


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