Ribbon Walk

Be there early


Be at the start point in plenty of time to welcome your walkers. There'll always be an early-bird arrival!

Start with a bang!


As the walk organiser, you could say a few words to thank everyone for taking part and explain how their money is helping people living with HIV. Drop us an email on [email protected] and we can send you some information.

Also, you can:

  • Decorate your start point with balloons and bunting.
  • Grab a fog horn or some party poppers to kick things off!

Be comfortable


Pick the right shoes: this is vital, you want to enjoy the walk and not finish with blisters or sore feet.

Wear comfortable clothes: make sure you wear suitable clothing for the weather. It’s no fun getting wet!

Stay safe


Be prepared! Occasionally walkers become injured, especially on long distances. From blisters to cuts and grazes, a basic first-aid kit will ensure that you are ready for every eventuality.

Stay hydrated! It’s important that you carry water with you on your walk. If it’s going to be a cold day, grab a warm flask or tea or soup.

The big finish


Consider having a volunteer at the finish line to congratulate your walkers. You could:

  • Hand out a banana or chocolate to each hungry walker.
  • Have drinking water or flask of warm tea available.
  • Take a group photo at the finish line.
  • Draw the raffle prizes (if you choose to do one).

Don’t forget to thank your walkers again for taking part! You may also want to give a prize to the person who has raised the most money.

Share your story


Remember to share pics of your walk on your social media with a link to your JustGiving page. Use Facebook Live, Instagram stories and Instagram Live.

Thank you and good luck!


All that’s left for us to say is a huge thank you for your support and good luck with your Ribbon Walk!

Without your support, we would not be able to continue supporting people living with HIV. Your contribution really does make all the difference.

Once your walk is done, here's how to pay in the money you raised.