Make a donation in someone’s name


Making a donation in the name of someone you have lost is a very special way to remember your loved one.

Create your Red Ribbon Fund.

Red Ribbon Tribute Funds


Over the years, many people have donated to us in memory of a loved one, so we set up Red Ribbon Funds. This online page in honour of your loved one can become a place of comfort to visit any time or place, in order to help you remember and reflect. People can donate, write messages, light candles and share their favourite pictures and memories. 

Once you have set up a fund, any gifts made in memory of your loved one can be recorded on their fund. This is through both online and offline donations, which are sent directly too us, so you can watch the fund grow, knowing how much those meaningful gifts are helping to support people living with and affected by HIV. 

See some Red Ribbon Funds which have been set up:

Quote text

Friends and family are always happy to make a contribution when we ask them - they still remember Johnny with his sharp mind and quick wit. They know that there is no better way to show their love for Johnny than to support the great work of Terrence Higgins Trust.

Red Ribbon plaques


Once your Fund reaches £2,000, the name of your loved one can be engraved onto our Red Ribbon Fund plaque, which is displayed in reception at our office in King’s Cross, London.

Red Ribbon trees


Once your Fund reaches £5,000, you can dedicate a tree in memory of your loved one in a choice of woodlands around the UK, through The Woodland Trust. You will be given a welcome pack which will show you the area of woodland where your tree is dedicated so that you can visit it with friends and family.

Funeral and memorial collections


You can also send donations in lieu of flowers collected at funerals and memorial services.

This is an incredibly touching way to help raise money for Terrence Higgins Trust allowing us to continue our vital work and ensuring a lasting legacy in memory of your loved one. 

Please send any cheques, made payable to Terrence Higgins Trust, from funeral or memorial collections, to:

FAO Isla Mackintosh
Terrence Higgins Trust
314-320 Gray’s Inn Road

Get in touch


For more information about Red Ribbon Funds or funeral collections please contact Isla Mackintosh on 020 7812 1684 or email [email protected].