Our vision


We strive for a future where there are no new cases of HIV, where people living with HIV get the support they need and there is good sexual health for all.

Our mission

  • End new cases of HIV by 2030.
  • Be here until the last person living with HIV needs us.
  • Make sexual and reproductive health the priority it deserves to be.

What this means to our service users, stakeholders and supporters

  • There are no new HIV cases.
  • People living with HIV get the support they need.
  • Everyone can access good quality sexual and reproductive health services and information tailored to their individual needs.
  • HIV, sexual and reproductive health are free from shame and stigma.
  • Everyone in our organisation respects and values diversity, creating an environment that is inclusive of all, and by working in partnership with others we reduce inequalities in sexual health.

Read how we will deliver our mission in our strategy.

Our values


How we deliver our work is vital to our success. In all our working we are:

  • Ambitious for change
  • Working together
  • Drawing on diverse lived experiences

Meeting our goals will require us to be ambitious, being clear about what we want to achieve, and bold enough to fight for it. We must be driven by the lived experience of individuals, valuing the input of all people, and putting the needs of marginalised people at the core of our mission. We must engage effectively, collaborating with partners, donors, funders, beneficiaries, and our own colleagues; growing and learning from each other all the time.