This training is aimed at making it easy for pharmacists to provide both information to customers about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and referrals on to sexual health services to access PrEP.

These services are an add-on to any sexual health work your pharmacy is already engaged in.

The training will take you through a number of areas to increase your knowledge of PrEP and also to support your work with your customers around this new tool in HIV prevention.

What this training covers

  • HIV: the current situation in the UK.
  • What PrEP is and how PrEP is taken.
  • Why PrEP and why we want to reach the communities we do.
  • What a customer considering PrEP needs to know.
  • How you can help your customers.
  • Case study examples of customer experiences in pharmacies.
  • Q&As: reviewing your knowledge about PrEP.

About some of the terms used in this training


Men and women/male and female: includes both cisgender people (whose gender identity matches the one they were assigned at birth) and trans/transgender people (whose gender identity is different from the one they were assigned at birth) that may identify as male or female.

Vaginal and frontal sex: Frontal sex is the preferred term for many trans men, especially when they have not had lower surgery. Whenever vaginal sex is mentioned this includes frontal sex.

Neo-vagina: a vagina constructed during elective transition surgery for trans women.

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