Unity Sexual Health, Bristol

Central Health Clinic
Tower Hill
United Kingdom


We're now offering free condoms by post in conjunction with Unity Sexual Health for people who live in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

We are an outreach-only service providing advice and support online, along with physical outreach in bars, clubs and public sex environments.

We also partner with Bristol Drugs Project to provide the PROMOTE project for male and trans sex workers.

Please note we are unable to meet members of the public at our offices.

HIV and STI testing


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our community-based HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing at PRISM, LADS Locker Room and all other locations has been temporarily suspended.

However, you can request a free testing kit if you are 16 years old or over and live in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Sexual health information and advice


We offer access to support online via Unity's Facebook page and through various apps.

We also attend events to provide information and support, including Bristol Pride, Fresher's Fayre, University SHAG week and local Bristol-based events.



We offer training in HIV awareness and LGBTQ sexual health.

This training is available to professional from other sectors, e.g. housing, mental health, social services, drug and alcohol, universities, and college and university students.

Please contact us for more details.

Further information


We also offer digital marketing and resource development/production on behalf of Unity Sexual Health.

Unity is a partnership of seven organisations working together to improve sexual health outcomes and wellbeing throughout life for the people of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.