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Conditions of membership

As a member you have a say in how the organisation is run. UK company law requires us to hold a register of our members, this includes their name, full address and the date their membership started.

As a company limited by guarantee Terrence Higgins Trust’s governing documents provide that if the organisation is wound up then all members agree to make a maximum contribution of £1 towards the organisation’s debts (if any). See our Articles of Association.

Correspondence with members will be via email, including any notices of AGMs, general meetings, trustee elections etc. Alternative documentation and notices will be served by providing members with a link to our website. Please note therefore that if you unsubscribe from our newsletters then we will be unable to contact you regarding our general meetings, trustee elections etc.

Signing up for Terrence Higgins Trust membership indicates that you agree with our vision, mission and values.

Please only register once. Anyone signing up for or found to have multiple membership accounts will have them cancelled.

We want to hear your views on what Terrence Higgins Trust is doing and we welcome constructive criticism. However, we reserve the right to refuse or remove membership from anyone whose correspondence or actions are abusive, libellous or intended to undermine or disrupt.

If you would like to fundraise for us, we would welcome this but we ask you to please contact our fundraising team in advance of any activity.

Please share our information with appropriate audiences. Terrence Higgins Trust deals with matters relating to sex and relationships and as such some of our materials will be of an adult nature. Please do not communicate material to those who may not want them.

We do not accept membership from anyone impersonating other members or public figures.