Fundraising stall with baked goods and are those grenades?

Pride picnic


Grab your hampers for the ultimate summer picnic and celebrate Pride, all while raising vital funds for us.

Indoors or outdoors, the local park, your garden or the beach, so long as you have space for a blanket or two, you can hold a picnic anywhere!

Invite friends to donate — most of our Pride picnickers ask for a donation of around £20 per person.

Here’s how to get going:

  • Set up a Facebook fundraiser or JustGiving page.
  • Invite your friends.
  • Grab your picnic blanket, rainbow flag, face paint, inflatable unicorn and glitter and plan a colourful afternoon in the local park.
  • Create an LGBTQ+ playlist.
  • Organise games.
  • Take a few bin bags to dispose of your rubbish along with some hand gel and anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Tell us about your picnic and we’ll send you stickers, badges and banners.

Pride dinner or garden party


Here’s a fun excuse to show off your decorating skills! Host a fun-filled Pride-themed party in the comfort of your own home.

Invite friends to make a donation of your choice or donate what they would have spent on a meal out.

Here’s how:

  • Decide on a date and time and invite your friends.
  • Set up a Facebook fundraiser or JustGiving page.
  • Organise a fabulous home-cooked food, BBQ or takeaway.

To add extra sparkle to your night:

  • Create a Pride theme and ask your guests to dress up in rainbow colours.
  • Create a Pride cocktail or mocktail for your guests when they arrive.
  • Organise some fundraising dinner games where everyone donates £1 per game.
  • Create a Pride playlist or choose an after-dinner classic LGBTQ+ movie.
  • Share your dinner party pics on social media to encourage more friends to make a donation.
  • Tell us about your dinner party and we’ll send you stickers, badges and banners to decorate your home.

Pride dress down day


Ask your colleagues to join you by wearing a Pride-themed outfit for one day. This could be the classic rainbow colours or you go one step further and dress up as your favourite LGBT+ personality.

If you are feeling more adventurous you could host an office quiz (over Zoom if you’re working from home) or a raffle to boost your fundraising.

No cash around? No problem! Contact us and we’ll set up a text-to-donate number for everyone to use.

Whatever you do you'll be making a difference to people living with HIV.

Let us know your plans


Whatever you get up to this Pride season, we’d love to hear all about it and offer our support.

Email [email protected] or complete this short form and we'll be in touch.