Terry Higgins Memorial Quilt panel of Castletown Road

Panel 1 diagramThis panel is based on memories of Terry from his friends and his love of astrology. It was designed by Martyn Butler OBE, co-founder of Terrence Higgins Trust, and produced by Nigel Mansfield and David Morrish.

Friends of Terry’s, Linda Payan and Maxine Saunders, were driving at night while visiting Terry’s mother in Pembrokeshire when they each saw a spirit.

Terry had a keen interest in astrology and wrote a book The Living Astrology, which was published by Golden Hands in 1974. Terry’s zodiac sign was Gemini and the illustration used in his book has been recreated in embroidery by David and runs across the top two panels, as well as a red embroidered car.

Terry’s address when he died was Castletown Road in Barons Court, which has a W14 postcode. The street sign has been meticulously recreated by Nigel for this panel.

  • Designed by: Martyn Butler OBE, Linda Payan, Maxine Saunders
  • Produced by: Nigel Mansfield, David Morrish

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