Terry Higgins Memorial Quilt panel with blue and white hearts and Terrence Higgins Trust logo

Panel 8 diagram

This panel features 40 messages of inspiration and hope from volunteers, service users and staff of Terrence Higgins Trust, past and present. 

This includes a large heart featuring the game-changing U=U message, which means that we can now say definitively that people living with HIV and on effective treatment can’t pass it on to their partners.
The panel was designed by Paul Bray and Jim Fielder at Terrence Higgins Trust and produced by Geraldine Edgington, Sarah Ashford and Merrill Tanton from The Quilters’ Guild. 

A group of enthusiastic young people from The Guild (Region 13) also embroidered some of the hearts featured on this panel, including words like power, love and care, which have been and continue to be so central to the fight against HIV.   

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  • Designed and produced by: Sarah Ashford, Paul Bray, Geraldine Edgington, Jim Fielder, Merrill Tanton
  • Contributors: Alison Watts, Helen Cullen, Alison Pether, Alette Addison, The Quilters' Guild Region 13 Young People's Group, Caroline Barker, Maggie Gibbons, Marie-Claire Williams and Andie Dyer, as well as several Terrence Higgins Trust service users and volunteers that contributed words and phrases which were incorporated into the 40 hearts that form the basis of this panel.

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